December 2017

Are Biocontrols at Risk for Resistance?

As biocontrols increase in popularity and frequency of use beyond organic crops, some growers may be wondering if resistance is a possibility.

Dahlia Lubega Power Series

As patio planters continue to gain interest with consumers, plants such as dahlias are rising to the occasion. This explosive series packs power into planters of all sizes.

Does Light Quantity Trump Light Quality?

When we think about lighting of plants, the different dimensions we consider are light quantity (intensity), light quality (spectrum), photoperiod (hours of light per day) and uniformity. Usually, we... more

Enhancing Your PGR Applications — Part 2

Air temperatures at application affects plant growth regulator efficacy.

Keeping Good Employees — It Saves Money

We are all employees for the most part, with some being owners. Even owners really work for their employees. There is no question that running a business is hard and getting more complicated by the mo... more

Lipid Biosynthesis Inhibitors (IRAC GROUP 23)

Question: The insecticide resistance action committee (IRAC) has a group 23, which are lipid biosynthesis inhibitors. Can you discuss the mode of action and products associated with group 23?

Proven Summer Performers

These 2018 introductions from Proven Winners survived an thrived in extreme summer conditions around the country.

Social Responsibility, Company Loyalty & Millennial Insights on Both

Sakata's Alicia Suits shares how a company's commitment to social responsibility can boost millenials' company loyalty.

The State of Growing Media

How Many Mixes Do We Really Need?

Trending into 2018

These seven trends aim to rebuild mental wellness through nature.

Using Biocontrols with Traditional Pesticides

Integrating biocontrols with synthetic chemical controls can add versatility to your program.

What Are You Waiting For?

As 2017 comes to a close, have you taken the time to examine the overall health of your business and where it is headed next year? I recently read an article in Small Business Trends magazine, that... more

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