December 2021

2022: Year of the Peperomia

Houseplants are all the rage these days, and peperomia is one of the most versatile crops in this class. If you’re not growing or selling peperomia, now may be time to consider adding this beauty to your lineup.

Bold, Flashy and Durable 2021 Summer Trials

I completed my trial visits in mid-September, and it has been another extraordinary year with a wide range of new and exciting annuals for 2022. This article will focus on some of the current and new ... more

Chat Room — December 2021

This month, we asked readers about houseplant production, youth-focused horticulture initiatives, using fungicides and the poinsettia season. Here’s what they had to say. ... more

Culture Report: Osteospermum Gelato Series

A consistent trial performer across the country, this new series is redefining the osteospermum market.

Duets: Research in the Exciting Sector of Controlled Environment Agriculture

Today’s guest is Jonathan Karall. Jonathan received his bachelor’s degree in plant sciences from the California State Polytechnic University of Pomona in 2014 with a focus in agronomic principles ... more

How Can Growers Help Nurture the Future of the Industry?

Through industry collaboration, we can inspire an early love for horticulture in our youth.

My Top Five for 2022

Preparation for spring 2022 is well under way, or already completed for some growers. Questions such as “what do I have space for?, what new varieties should I add?, and what varieties should I ceas... more

One of a Kind: FRAC Groups with a Single Fungicide

How can you successfully incorporate these seven fungicides into your rotation?

Water Vapor-Pressure Deficit

The amount of water in the air (water vapor) influences the rate of water loss by plants, growing substrates and other surfaces. Relative humidity (RH) quantifies the water vapor concentration relativ... more

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