February 2018

2017 Summer Trials All Stars

Last year’s trials were full of eye catchers that demand attention. These all stars demonstrated superior performance across the country.

Culture Report: Portulaca Pazzaz Nano Series

This blindingly compact collection boasts vibrant color on early-flowering plants.

Going Mainstream with Gardening

We’ve named plants after movies, songs and superheroes. We’ve gotten endorsements from celebrities, and we’ve even seen the garden become a focal point at the White House. Still, if you find you... more

Kick Off the Spring Season with a Boot Camp

If Mother Nature behaves herself, spring should be arriving next month. At least that’s what the calendar says. Right about now, I’m sure your greenhouse is humming with activity. You have orde... more

Maximizing Your Educational Opportunities, Time and Resources

This month’s guest is Lela Kelly, vice president of Dosatron International. We will discuss how growers and exhibitors can maximize their educational opportunities, time and resources at conferences... more

New Poinsettias for 2018 — How Did They Perform?

This year marks the North American Poinsettia Trials’ 25th anniversary! A lot has changed in the poinsettia world since 1993, from hybrids to new colors. What's next?

New Standards in Gerberas

While the cut flower business has its hurdles, growers have the ability to stand out from the crowd with smart variety selection, efficient production and creative marketing concepts.

Temperature Integration

Plant development is primarily a function of temperature; crops develop progressively faster as temperature increases, until some high temperature at which they grow as fast as possible. Some sources ... more

The Impact of Beneficial Fungi on Natural Enemies

The use of entomopathogenic fungi is a common practice in greenhouse production. What factors influence their direct and indirect effects on pests?

What’s Next with Amazon?

Amazon started in 1994 as an online bookstore shortly after the world wide web came into existence. After four years, it started the expansion into products other than books, and by 2011 Amazon offere... more

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