Culture Report: Portulaca Pazzaz Nano Series By Mike Fernandez

This blindingly compact collection boasts vibrant color on early-flowering plants.

The Portulaca Pazzaz Nano series from Danziger is the new, compact sub-series to the popular Pazzaz series. It has been consistently ranked among the top-performing varieties in trials across the country. Pazzaz Nano has a compact and moderate habit with big beautiful flowers that offer strikingly bright color.

Pazzaz Nano stands apart from other portulacas for its extremely controlled growth. It grows to approximately 8 inches tall, flowers very early and even keeps developing overnight.

Flowers open up very early in the morning, enabling a touch of color even with the morning coffee on the patio. And, they stay open, well into the day or evening.

Available Colors

This easy-growing, low- maintenance series includes four intense, vibrant colors for the summer garden. Orange features a semi-trailing, compact habit and sizzling orange blooms. Semi- trailing and compact, Fuchsia flowers early with beautiful blooms. Hot Pink offers pink-red, semi- trailing flowers on a compact plant. Yellow is the semi-upright variety of the series, showing beautiful bright blooms still on a compact habit.


Extremely versatile, Pazzaz Nano fits to the pot it’s in, so you can produce a larger pot or basket, but it’s also good for 4-inch pots or gallons.

Nano may be used for hanging baskets, combinations and even as a groundcover. Plants grow to approximately 8 inches high and spreads to 12 inches wide. Plant in full sun.


Danziger bred Pazzaz Nano for more controlled growth, to make it easier and more cost effective, and also to help the environment. With its compact, controlled habit, Pazzaz Nano does not need plant growth regulators for successful production. This is something consumers and growers have been requesting, and an issue that will keep arising.

Pazzaz Nano is an easy-growing portulaca, requiring little special treatment. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help get the most out of your crop.

Stick one cutting per cell, using a well-draining commercial media. Maintain pH at approximately 5.8 to 6.0 during rooting. Electrical conductivity (EC) should be 0.8 in week one, and increase to 0.80 to 0.90 in weeks two and three. By week four, plants will do well with EC in the range of 0.90 to 1.2.

For weeks one and two, maintain daytime greenhouse temperatures at 72 to 74° F, and nighttime temperatures at 72 to 74° F. Drop temperatures to 65 to 72° F days and 68° F nights for the remainder of rooting through week four.

Portulaca are day neutral, so no supplemental lighting is needed. We suggest a preventative fungicide application with Daconil on the day of sticking, and a second Daconil application in week two. Be sure to always follow label instructions.

By week five, plants will be ready for transplant — one plant per pot into quart pots. Constant feed with a balanced fertilizer containing 100- to 150-ppm of nitrogen, continuing for the remainder of production. Keep EC at 0.90 to 1.2, and pH should also be steady in the 5.8 to 6.0 range.

Later in production, consider a 1-ppm Bonzi drench if needed, but Pazzaz Nano was bred to stay compact with no plant growth regulators and it is unlikely that plants will need it.

Daytime temperatures should stay in the range of 65 to 68° F, with night temperatures the same.

Maintain a vigilant scouting and monitoring program to prevent any insect and disease activity. Maintain moderate humidity levels and good air circulation as a preventative. Plants will be ready for spring sale in approximately 14 weeks.

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Mike Fernandez

Mike Fernandez is North American product manager for Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm. He can be reached at