July 2017

Culture Report: Campanula Adansa and Ambella Series

These two new bellflower series offer attractive blooms, unique colorations and all-season flowering.

Dealing with Black Root Rot

The occurrence of Thielaviopsis can cause serious damage to your crops. How can you recognize symptoms and protect your plants?

Implementing Efficient Irrigation

Installing drip irrigation or hydroponics is one of the smartest choices a grower can make this season.

Increasing Height of Chrysanthemum with PGR Drenches

How can growers control growth on garden mums when plants flower early and stem elongation slows?

Peak Season Challenges

The 2017 spring season rush has slowed, and now is the time to review what went wrong, what went right and what we can improve for 2018. While the final numbers are not in yet, we have a pretty good p... more

Plant Lighting Efficiency and Efficacy: μmols per joule

Plant lighting continues to be a hot topic, especially as light-emitting diode (LED) technology continues to advance. Growers commonly ask which type of lighting technology to purchase. Supplemental l... more

Stars of the Show

In June, you read about some notable trends spotted along the coast. This month, the focus is on the new varieties that made their debut in April.

The People Behind the Plants: Reaching Today’s Consumer

While end consumers may not always be your direct customer, growers should still take advantage of opportunities to connect with them.

The Power of Color: 2018 Introductions at the Costa Trial Garden

Here is Part 2 of my overview of the trial performance at Costa Farms, the first trial of the season.

Who Is Your Direct Customer?

I think this is a very good question. Some of you may know who your direct customer is and some may not. Back in my machining days I was asked this very question and before I really thought about it, ... more

Your Chance to Make an Impact

So far, the first six months of 2017 have been a bit crazy in Washington, D.C. There is always a lot of change when a new administration takes office, but this year things seem to be even more tumu... more

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