July 2018

All Eyes On the Consumer

How can you capture the consumer and differentiate your product offering through tags and packaging?

An Update on Lighting Efficacy

In plant lighting, the efficacy (or more precisely, the photosynthetic photon efficacy) of a fixture quantifies how effectively a fixture converts electricity into light useful for photosynthesis. It ... more

Culture Report: Coleus Fancy Feathers Series

Available as unrooted cuttings, this series boasts vibrant plants with feathery foliage in three striking colors.

How Are You Using the Internet?

Growers have found using the internet for both production and marketing purposes can save them time and money.

Industry Innovations: Giving Gardeners an Upgrade

I have always been your atypical plant nerd. A passion for plants was the reason I picked a career in horticulture to begin with. I laugh when I think back about my original ideas of what I wanted to ... more

Small Containers Get BIG COLOR with Moxie!

{Sponsored} Vegetative geraniums continue to be the most important annuals on the market. Since the introduction of Calliope Medium and Calliope Large, geraniums received much increased attention bec... more

Spring Premier: New Perennial Introductions

These new perennials showcased eye-catching color and performance at the Costa Farms spring trial.

State of Your Business — Growth or Decline

There’s nothing more satisfying than running a successful business and seeing the results. What’s more challenging is doing it year after year. Running any successful business takes teamwork; even... more

Up and Comers for 2019

Hundreds of new variety introductions made their debut earlier this year at the California Spring Trials. We hit every single stop, took pages of notes and thousands of photos to now bring to you some of our favorites.

Watch What You Say … and Simplify!

What can we learn from consumers? The more we listen, the greater the opportunities.

Water Solubility and Systemic Insecticides

Question: What is the relationship between water solubility and systemic insecticides? Answer: Excellent question. First of all, what is water solubility? Water solubility is a measure of the amoun... more

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