July 2019

A Really Big Show

The breeding companies at California Spring Trials put on another great show this year. The dazzling array of new introductions can be mind boggling, but here are some of the new varieties that caught our eye.

A Sneak Peek into 2020 Garden Trends

Whether it’s a fanny pack or a scrunchie, I have always been attracted to trends. And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Garden Media Group, a public relations business my mom started when ... more

Advancements in Quat Chemistry

Read on for a summary of DDAC quaternary ammonium research in horticulture.

An Overview of Long-Day Lighting

Long-day lighting refers to the delivery of long photoperiods, or day lengths, to regulate the flowering of plants. More specifically, when the days are naturally short, the delivery of electric light... more

Biological Control Agents for Western Flower Thrips

Question: I am interested in implementing a biological control program against the Western flower thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis, in my greenhouse operation. Can you provide information on the com... more

Chat Room — July 2019

In this month’s edition of Chat Room, we asked our readers about young plant production, current trends, and top spring sellers. Click on the PDF below to see what they had to say.  ... more

Culture Report: Primula Paradiso and More

Schoneveld Breeding offers three types of primula, all presenting superior plant structure and enjoyable blooms.

Indoor Grow Rooms Can Improve the Success of Young Plant Propagation

Indoor grow rooms equipped with LEDs can produce consistent young transplants, making it easier for growers to plan their planting schedules and delivery orders.

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