June 2015


‘Little Moonshine’ features a great compact habit with the same bright gold flowers of ‘Moonshine’. This petite beauty grows 9-12 inches tall by 10-12 inches wide in sun. It is ideal for conta... more

Crop Culture Report: Euphorbia ‘Glitz’ and ‘Glamour’

Check out the first Euphorbia Graminea from seed.

Herbaceous Perennials: What are Your Worst Enemies?

What are some of the most common problems affecting herbaceous perennials, and what can you do to avoid, diagnose and treat occurrences?

Interactions of Light, CO2 and Temperature on Photosynthesis

Light and temperature are two of the most commonly manipulated environmental factors in greenhouse crop production. Supplemental lighting is useful during light-limiting conditions, while during high-... more

LED Lighting and its Effect on Plants, Growers and the World

While the initial investment may seem costly, the benefits of led lighting are certainly worth a consideration.

Millennials Mean Business

The housing industry was hit hard by the economic recession. Growers and garden retailers felt a lot of that pain since no one was buying plants, trees and shrubs to decorate their new homes. B... more

Not Your Grandmother’s Roses

'Veranda Lavender' Roses have long captured the imagination, from William Shakespeare's "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" ("Romeo and Juliet") or analogies ab... more

Perennial Solutions: Dahlia Go Go Series

The Go Go series is available in seven colors. Orange is pictured.Here I go again, this month I'm featuring another perennial that is not fully hardy across much of the country. Why do I occasiona... more

Potential Effect of Water Quality on PGRs

Final spray water pH after plant growth regulation addition varies with pH and alkalinity of your carrier water.

Trends on the Horizon

Trends come and go, but we think some of these inspirational gems from the 2015 spring trials will make a statement in 2016 from the greenhouse to the garden.

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