June 2021

Challenges of Growing Vertically in Greenhouses

The vast majority of greenhouse crops are grown on a horizontal plane, either on benches or floors. There are exceptions, though, for both ornamentals and high wire vegetable crops. For example, growe... more

Chat Room — June 2021

This month, we asked readers about environmental control systems, lighting investments and working with local Extension agents. Here’s what they had to say.

Choosing the Right Environmental Control System

When selecting a control system for controlled environment production you need to match environmental control to the crop, climate and structure.

Culture Report: Dahlia ‘Sincerity’

Awarded for its large pink and white bicolor flowers, ‘Sincerity’ is a truly eye-catching dahlia perfect for the landscape and high-end containers.

Finding the Green Lining

An opportunity lies before us. Have you heard the phrase “green lining” in relation to the global pandemic? More people than ever are interested in plants — plants for aesthetics, plants as a ho... more

How Can the Horticulture Industry Thrive in a Post-Pandemic Environment?

Peter: Well, boss, isn’t this different? It’s a pleasure having you as today’s guest, Jasmina. Thanks for putting on a different hat for this discussion. As GPN’s editor, is there anything abo... more

Not All DLIs Are the Same

How can you achieve increased growth with the same amount of light?

Roots, Shoots & Environmentals

This first in a series of three articles about optimizing your greenhouse focuses on ways growers can increase productivity and efficiency through their growing medium.

The Power of Yellow

These new annual and perennial introductions for 2021-2022 exemplify the beauty and illumination of yellow.

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