March 2017

Answers on the Internet

Thanks to the web we are able to make purchases, look up an astronomical amount of information, download music and videos, etc., right from our desktop or mobile device. So you have a question and ... more

Considerations on Alternative Water Sources for Urban Irrigation

Water usage restrictions may encourage you to explore alternative sources, but these alternatives can come with challenges. Here are some points to consider.

Culture Report: Lavandula stoechas LaVela Series

With its earliness, versatility, attractiveness to pollinators, pleasing fragrance and eye-catching blooms, this new lavender is a big hit with growers and consumers alike.

Emergence of Rooftop Production

The success of a green roof is dependent on the quality of plants growing on it.

Expanded Offerings in Miscanthus

Recent university breeding yields three exciting — and sterile — cultivars.

Prepping for Spring Trials

It is almost that time of year again for the annual pilgrimage out west for the California Spring Trials (CAST) where growers, retailers, brokers and breeders from all over the world get an opportunit... more

Strategy for the Future

There has been a lot of discussion in recent years on how growers and garden centers can capture the attention (and the wallets) of the millennial consumer. This demographic holds the keys to future s... more

Summer Trials: Top-Performing Seed Annuals

From begonias to vincas, here are some of the most impressive seed varieties observed at various summer trials in 2016.

The Cost of Filtration

This three-part series covers research on the cost of irrigation water, including the water source and treatment with filtration and sanitation.

The Importance of Light Uniformity

Managing light is obviously critical to the production of crops grown in controlled environments. When considering the different dimensions of light, we usually focus on photoperiod (day length), ligh... more

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