March 2018

2017 Summer Trials All Stars — Part 2

This is a continuation of last month’s article on new and current annuals that were top performers in multiple trials throughout the country last summer.

Causes of Flower Bud Abortion

Many of the crops we grow in greenhouses are for their flowers. In fact, most floriculture crops are not marketable to consumers unless they are in flower, or very close to it. If flowers do not devel... more

Culture Report: Miscanthus ‘Fire Dragon’

This ornamental grass boasts green to fiery-red, intensifying color all year long.

Going Native

How can you and your business move forward with native perennials?

Going Organic — Certify or Not?

Over the past year, the organic growing community has been presented with something of a conflict of identity. A longstanding debate about whether hydroponic and aeroponic growers should be able to at... more

Let’s Talk Ginger

While ginger may be best known for its consumable properties, there are many attractive ornamental varieties that should be on your radar.

Plants as Guinea Pigs

My wife works for a medical association that deals with anesthesiology and I work in the horticulture industry. So, it is a rare occasion when our industries actually converge. But that’s what ha... more

Safety … Plain and Simple!

Safety is a two-part program. First you must provide a safe environment for the people, and second you must provide safe conditions for the crop. Safety for people is everyone’s job … plain and... more

The Best of the Begonias

Here are a few begonia introductions from 2017 that you should be looking at right now.

The Value of Organics

Organics have gone from a lifestyle choice for select demographics to a full-blown mainstream product category for a majority of consumers. Why and how should you take advantage of this growing opportunity?

Three Things Hydroponics Growers Should Be Doing

These few considerations can make a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of your hydroponic production.

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