March 2023

Breeding innovations

Technologies in breeding advance to provide consistent, reliable and improved varieties.

Chat Room — March 2023

Each month, we send out a survey to our readers on a variety of topics and report the results here. Chat Room is a perfect venue to get to know your peers and where you stand on different issues affecting the industry.

Culture Report: Ornamental kale Crystal series

Glossy leaves and bright colors make ornamental kale a major player in fall markets.

Editor’s Letter: Breeding the best

Humans have been breeding plants for thousands of years, dating back to the start of agriculture. In the mid-1800s, the necessary framework for scientific plant breeding was determined by Gregor Mende... more

Forty Under 40 Perspectives: Supporting growers’ success through technical services

One of the most exciting aspects of our industry is the constant innovation of new genetics and product forms coming to market. However, this can be a challenge for growers to keep up with the latest ... more

Let’s have a sneak peek at CAST

It’s almost time to see the newest selections at California Spring Trials. Here’s a preliminary look at some of the varieties that will be introduced for 2024.

Technically Speaking: Advancements in horticultural lighting

The science, engineering and application of horticultural lighting advances with developments in light-emitting diode (LED) technology. In the past decade, efficacy of LED fixtures has more than doubl... more

Unlock your lighting potential

LED lights are appealing, but they are not always the best option. Upgrading lights and implementing control systems require specific decisions for every greenhouse operation.

Vaughn’s View: Distinctive and resilient perennials with visual impact — part 1

New and current perennials are showing off in trials, meeting the demands of consumers with extraordinary retail appeal.

Working with a changing labor force

The last few years have presented new challenges for growers looking to fill jobs and retain employees.

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