November/December 2023

Culture Report: Romantica Ball Gown Rose

An incredibly fragrant, high performing hybrid tea rose with over 100 petals

Duets: Greenhouse energy curtains

Peter Konjoian had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Julie Dean, vice president and third-generation co-owner of Wadsworth Control Systems in Arvada, Colorado, about energy curtains. Julie ... more

Editor’s Letter: All good things

As the saying goes, “All good things come to those who wait,” and I know you all have been awaiting Heather’s return! I’m pleased to say that she will be returning in time to kick-off ... more

First year flowering perennials

Beautiful options grown in one season with no vernalization required

Greenhouse education at Great Lakes EXPO

Lighting, customer engagement among education sessions for growers

Nurturing new hires

Industry experts share employee development best practices

Striving for optimal greenhouse control

Strategies growers can use to reduce the energy inputs needed

Technically Speaking: Crop acclimation

Plants are sessile organisms, meaning they can’t relocate when growing conditions become unfavorable. Thus, plants have developed mechanisms to perceive and acclimate to the environment so they can ... more

Vaughn’s View: Perennial parade

Vibrant and impactful perennials from the 2023 summer trials

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