October 2020

A Guide to Grafting Tomatoes: Cornell’s Tips for Success

Grafting can benefit your production in many ways, such as improving yields and increasing disease resistance. Follow these guidelines, which have been achieved through years of trial and error, and see your profits grow.

Bold and Bright 2021 Annual Introductions

These new introductions capture the summer magic at high altitude.

Chat Room – October 2020

This month, we asked readers about poinsettia production, greenhouse additions and employee education. Here’s what you had to say. ... more

Culture Report: Primula Princessa Series

This new series will incite plant lovers’ memories of spring and cheerfulness.

Greenhouse Energy Efficiency Tips

Fortunately, the cost of natural gas and other fuels used to heat greenhouses has remained fairly steady, or slightly decreased during the past five years. However, energy bills for heating and electr... more

Greenhouse Structures and Systems: Advancing Technology for Small Growers

Today’s guest is Keith Bemerer, inside sales rep for Rough Brothers, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio. Keith earned his bachelor’s degree in agriculture specializing in floriculture crops at the Ohio State ... more

Making New Variety Decisions

In the early 2000s, two psychologists set up an experiment at an upscale grocery store. On the first day, they set up a table with a large display of jars of jam with over 100 different varieties. The... more

Managing the Daily Light Integral for Leafy Greens

Effective light management is critical for efficient crop production.

Protecting Poinsettias Through Shipping and Finishing Strong

Fall is here, and poinsettia production is in full swing. Planning ahead and recognizing problems early will help growers finish the season strong with high-quality crops.

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