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Apr 30, 2024
Website is live for AFE’s Sustainabloom

Sustainabloom is a new platform by the American Floral Endowment that providers access to sustainable practices in floriculture.

AFE recently announced the launch of the new Sustainabloom website, providing comprehensive guides, practical strategies and industry insights aimed at fostering sustainable practices at every level of floriculture.

The website,, is a research-driven hub of resources designed to empower businesses of all sizes to assess where they are and where they can enhance their sustainability efforts. With a focus on environmental stewardship, resource optimization and ethical labor practices, Sustainabloom addresses the increasing demands for sustainable products and practices in the industry.

Established in 2022, Sustainabloom is a collaborative project dedicated to leading the floriculture industry towards a future enriched with sustainable practices at every level. In partnership with NC State University, over 800 documents, reports and editorials regarding sustainability in floriculture have been collected and analyzed. In addition, an industry-wide survey was conducted to discover where gaps still exist for new research and resources. Using new data collected and previous research around sustainable practices, research-driven, user-friendly guides and resources, broken down by topic, have been created.

“We envision a floriculture industry that thrives while respecting our planet and its people,” said Debi Chedester, CAE, AAF and executive director of AFE. “Sustainabloom is not just about providing resources; it’s about connecting a community committed to driving sustainable change.”

The initiative’s approach is to simplify complex sustainability challenges, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to contribute positively. Key focus areas include effective waste management, integrated pest management strategies, consumer demand and preferences and energy-efficient practices. The new platform also shares vital resources from other sustainability-focused organizations such as certifications, assessment tools and more.

The floriculture industry continues to evolve rapidly with increasing demands for sustainable products and practices. Sustainabloom is continuously evolving alongside the industry, and will continue to provide new information and resources on the website.

Sustainabloom is made possible by its Founding Partners and supporters. These industry leaders have recognized the need for further sustainability research and resources, and have provided vital funding to support Sustainabloom’s mission. View the full list of supporters here.

“CalFlowers is proud to support Sustainabloom, as it provides solutions to a crucial challenge facing all segments of Floriculture. Sustainability is all of our responsibility, and this program provides a single source for research-driven information that is accessible to the entire industry,” said Steve Dionne, executive director of CalFlowers, one of Sustainabloom’s Founding Partners. “We’d like to extend our thanks to the American Floral Endowment for providing leadership in this area, and hope that other floral companies and organizations will lend their support to this important initiative.”

Sustainabloom collaborates with an industry-wide task force to ensure the relevance and accuracy of its resources. Future plans include expanding support to include business sustainability planning and proactive industry initiatives. This is only the start — the site and resources will continue to grow and adapt to fit the needs of the industry.

Businesses and individuals interested in getting involved or providing feedback can reach out to the Sustainabloom team at If your business or organization has resources you’d like to contribute, click here.