September 2013

Back to School Means…

It is that time of year again! It is time for GPN and Nexus Corp. to find our Intern of the Year! As college students return to campus, we want to learn more about those aspiring horticulturists who a... more

Bare Root Perennials: Efficient for Growers of All Sizes

Historically, bare root divisions were one of the main sources of starting materials for greenhouses and nurseries. With the popularity of plugs and liners in the past couple decades, some growers hav... more

Cleaning Up Light Pollution

Supplemental light curtains provide a simple answer to an increasingly common challenge.

Comparing Heuchera

Pacific Plug & Liner is a great stop along the California Spring Trials tour to find a wide selection of plants from many different vendors, many of which are new introductions. One of the highlights ... more

Crop Culture Report: Gomphrena Pink Zazzle

I'm sure by now you've heard the buzz about the alluring Pink Zazzle (gomphrena hybrid) recently introduced at the California Spring Trials. It's an amazing breakthrough in the breeding of... more

Embracing Change

The horticulture industry is undeniably changing as customers age, big box stores compete with independent garden centers (IGCs) and technology continues to evolve. These changes not only lead to chal... more

Grower Customizes Recyclable Containers to Meet Customer Demand

YC Nursery had a challenge: find a growing container that was specially configured to meet their large scale production needs, and that met the increasing demand from customers for environmentally res... more

Parboiled Rice Hulls: A Viable Media Alternative

This readily renewable resource offers quality plant production with built-in sustainability, improved mixing and value.

Perennial Solutions: Veronica Bomb Series

This improved series offers compact growing and uniquely branched flower spikes comprised of hundreds of flower blooms.

Problems with Foot-candles, Lux and Lumens

There are three ways to describe light intensity, but only one of them is appropriate for photosynthesis. Increasing use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) means that the appropriate unit for light measu... more

Using Organic Fertilizers in Hydroponics and Recirculating Culture

Thinking about implementing recirculating culture to your production? Here are two strategies to consider.

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