September 2019

Chat Room — September 2019

This month, we asked readers about late-summer performance, plans for fall, water filtration and inventory management. Please click on the PDF below to see what they had to say.  ... more

Clean Up Your Water with Carbon Filtration

Is pesticide residue causing issues in your greenhouse crops?

Costa Farms 2019: Enduring Annual Performers

These new introductions withstood 23 weeks of heat, humidity and rain in Florida — and are sure to display the same success throughout the rest of the country.

Culture Report: Petunia ColorRush Series

Great vigor for landscape customers with new color introductions revitalize this series.

Improving Your Supply Chain

How can you manage inventory efficiently using lean material strategy techniques?

Including Far Red in an LED Lighting Spectrum

Far red (FR) is a one of the radiation (or light) wavebands that regulates plant growth and development. Many people consider FR as radiation with wavelengths between 700 and 800 nm, although 700 to 7... more

Lets Talk Elephant Ears

From houseplant to the garden, alocasia and colocasia varieties bring a tropical touch to any application.

Tracking Crop Performance, Communication is Key

As a company we at Smith Gardens are always looking forward to discover and implement new methods to improve our processes. Crop spec is one topic that is very important to us; this involves setting s... more

Winners Circle

These 14 varieties have earned top honors for their beauty, performance and resilience.

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