Sep 24, 2020
AFE Hands Out Scholarships

The American Floral Endowment (AFE) has awarded 15 students with scholarships totaling $38,500. Fifty-nine applications were received for this 2020 scholarship cycle.

“We had many overachieving students apply for scholarships this year, which is why some scholarships were awarded to more than one recipient,” said Greg Royer, Chairman of the Education Committee. “I’m proud to see the high quality of students each year, and I enjoy being a part of granting scholarships to these well-deserved students encouraging them to continue their education and become passionate industry leaders.”

AFE awards scholarships annually and applications are due by May 1 of each year.

To learn more about the scholarships and this years winners, please visit

The winners include:

  • American Florists’ Exchange Scholarship — $2,400/James Bridenbaugh Memorial Scholarship — $500 Recipient: Jordyn Silva – Modesto Junior College
  • Julio and Sarah Armellini Scholarship — $2,200 Recipient: Meghan Bundick – West Virginia University
  • Ball Horticultural Company Scholarship — $1,100 Earl Dedman Memorial Scholarship — $2,000 Recipient: Renata Goossen, Kansas State University
  • BioWorks IPM/Sustainable Practices Scholarship — $1,200 Recipients: Nicholas Dzurenda, Virginia Tech
  • CalFlowers Scholarship — $5,800 Recipient: Nicole Davidson, City College of San Francisco
  • John Carew Memorial Scholarship — $2,000 Recipient: Caleb Spall, Michigan State University
  • Ferriss Horticulture Scholarship — $2,000 Recipient: Emily Kolbe, University of Wisconsin, River Falls
  • Garcia Family Scholarship — $1,200 Recipient: Keller Shemwell, University of Missouri, Columbia
  • National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association (NGMA) Scholarship — $500 Recipient: Annabelle Caswell, University of Connecticut
  • Mike and Flo Novovesky Scholarship — $2,700 Recipient: Josey Darby, Texas A&M University
  • Lawrence “Bud” Ohlman Memorial Scholarship — $2,500 Vocational (Bettinger, Holden, and Perry) Scholarship — $1,500 Recipient: Brian Curley, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Seed Companies Scholarship — $2,500 Recipient: Adam D’Angelo, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • John L. Tomasovic Sr. Scholarship — $1,200 Recipient: Elaina Eberz, Oregon State University
  • Jacob and Rita Van Namen Marketing Scholarship — $1,200 Recipient: Helene Dondero, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Richard T. Meister Scholarship — $4,000 Recipient: Ranjeeta Adhikari, Purdue University