Apr 15, 2024
AgroLiquid achieves certification for biostimulant

A provider of agricultural crop nutrition products, AgroLiquid recently shared that its biostimulant product, PrimAgro C-Tech, has been awarded a prestigious certification, affirming its adherence to industry recognized standards for efficacy, safety, and composition.

This recognition from The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) marks a significant milestone as PrimAgro C-Tech becomes the inaugural product to receive such acclaim. 

The announcement was made by AgroLiquid CEO Nick Bancroft, who expressed great enthusiasm for this achievement. “We are thrilled to have earned the Certified Biostimulant label from TFI,” said Bancroft. “With the rising popularity of biostimulant products among growers, this certification provides both retailers and end-users with the confidence that PrimAgro C-Tech meets the rigorous standards outlined in the U.S. Biostimulant Industry Guidelines.” 

The Biostimulant Certification Program was established with the goal of providing assurances to manufacturers, agricultural retailers, and growers alike. By focusing on efficacy, safety and composition, the program instills trust among stakeholders and fosters the advancement of sustainable agricultural practices. 

“For AgroLiquid, this certification serves as a testament to our adherence to manufacturing standards and meticulous testing protocols,” Bancroft emphasized. “It empowers agricultural retailers to confidently evaluate products for shelf placement while providing growers with the assurance of compliance with industry standards. This enables them to make informed decisions tailored to their specific needs.” He adds that PrimAgro C-Tech is formulated to restore vital microbial activity to the soil, optimizing conditions for nutrient uptake by a plant and minimizing nutrient loss through leaching. 

The recognition of PrimAgro C-Tech as a certified biostimulant product by the TFI reaffirms AgroLiquid’s position as a trusted leader in the agricultural industry, committed to delivering innovative solutions that promote efficiency, and success for growers worldwide. 

For more information about AgroLiquid and its certified biostimulant product, PrimAgro C-Tech, and other products visit agroliquid.com

About AgroLiquid 

AgroLiquid manufactures and distributes high-efficiency liquid fertilizer formulated to protect nutrients from loss to the environment. AgroLiquid’s products work with, instead of against, the biology of the soil, which makes them more usable by the crop. Continuous research and product improvement, coupled with an ethical business model, keeps AgroLiquid focused on its mission: “To Prosper the Farmer.”