Jul 18, 2023
Schoneveld Breeding has a new logo

Schoneveld Breeding has redefined its core values. The core values are innovation, mastership, sustainability, dedication and energy. With these well considered values comes a new house style as well.

The new logo with the X and Y stands for the innovative genetics the breeder from Wilp develops. Seeds that grow out into flowering pot plants which require little energy and growth regulators. All products of Schoneveld Breeding have a long shelf life and are suitable for various climates. With its unique product development, Schoneveld Breeding continuously shows that sustainability and economic success can go hand in hand.

In the new house style, the well-known core value of Schoneveld Breeding, stays unchanged. Something the pay-off ‘Plant X-tra value’ proves. “We are at the very beginning of the distribution chain and feel the obligation to lead by example”, said Peter van de Pol, director of Schoneveld Breeding. There is the continuous quest for doing things better, more efficiently and more sustainable. “We always ask ourselves how we can do better with less input.”

Schoneveld Breeding is always looking to the future. Van de Pol said, “The X and Y also stand for people, for new generations. For decades, we are known as the specialist in innovative and responsible plant breeding. Our seeds grow out into sustainably grown flowering pot plants that offer more value to the grower in both an economic and ecological way. We want to do our part to secure for future generations in all areas.”