Nov 12, 2021
Altman Plants Reports True Bloom Roses Trial Results

Altman Plants, a breeder and grower of garden roses, has reported garden trial results for the True Bloom Roses collection, including garden-worthy findings for five significant hybrid rose varieties. The evaluation involved extensive internal plant trials followed by numerous external plant performance trial sites.

‘True Passion’

The trials’ results are particularly noteworthy given the fact that most True Bloom Roses varieties were trialed no less than eight years. Altman Plants adheres to seven phases of trialing before commercialization, and only elite seedlings reach the external trial garden stage.

The roses were internally trialed at Altman Plants’ facilities in Giddings, Texas; Loxahatchee, Florida; and Vista, Lake Mathews and Bonsall, California. Renowned rosarian and breeder Ping Lim, who is the director of ornamental plant research for Altman Plants, led the trials, along with the head grower at each of the sites.

The Lake Mathews, California, trial site spans a half-acre, or 24,000 square feet, in southwestern Riverside County, where 400 roses are planted annually and observed in various groups for three years, equating to more than 400 trial roses at any one time. There are no chemical sprays of any kind, and those roses that stay free of diseases and insects are moved on to the next stage of trialing.

The roses that qualified during the internal trials proceeded to external trial sites, where they were deemed to be low-maintenance, easy-to-grow, highly blight-resistant roses that produced abundances of large, true-rose flowers with many deeply colorful petals.

‘True Friendship’

The recently completed garden trials review produced solid performance information about the five hybrid rose varieties that make up the True Bloom Roses collection. Each of the varieties displayed exemplary characteristics, including ‘True Passion’, ‘True Gratitude’, ‘True Friendship’, ‘True Sincerity’, and ‘True Inspiration’.

Altman Plants, most notably, observed improved performance as it relates to resistance to black spot and powdery mildew as well as aphids and other pests. The trial findings reinforce the company’s commitment to developing healthy roses that elude environmental stressors that can adversely affect other varieties.

“Our trials are fresh evidence that Altman Plants’ mission of breeding roses that can maintain health and vigor without sacrificing ornamental traits, such as high petal count and fragrance, has proven highly successful,” said Justin Dautoff, vice president of marketing and business development for Altman Plants.

To be judged suitable to be part of the True Bloom Roses collection, the previously named five introductions had to survive a no-spray environment where they were inoculated with rose-killing black spot, mildews and other diseases. The roses had to successfully grow and propagate on their own roots before being confirmed for inclusion to the collection.

True Bloom Roses, when watered and fertilized appropriately, should not require pest control measures. Any appearance should be negligible and handled by natural predators. This same “good culture” approach should also greatly reduce or eliminate the need for fungicide treatment.

‘True Sincerity’

“The True Bloom Roses collection shows that gardeners do not have to choose a rose that is either beautiful but vulnerable or pleasant and durable,” said Dautoff. “The vigorously trialed Altman Plants-bred standouts make it possible for people to get more use out of their garden benches and paths, with far less time spent diagnosing and treating issues, and cleaning up after their plants.”

The company has plans to continue introducing new hybrid roses to supplement the collection and other upcoming series during 2022.

Altman Plants’ True Bloom Roses finishing grower licensees are part of the SynRG, LLC group, including Overdevest Nurseries, L.P.; Prides Corner Farms; Saunders Brothers, Inc.; and Willoway Nurseries, Inc.

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