May 2, 2022
Bonnie Plants Puts $250K Toward Program for Gardening for Food Pantries

Bonnie Plants, a grower of vegetable and herb plants for home gardens in the U.S., is partnering with The Home Depot and to encourage gardeners to grow food for local food pantries.

Through the partnership, Bonnie Plants will donate $250,000 to, a nonprofit that connects home and community gardeners to food pantries to share their surplus harvests instead of letting it go to waste, according to a news release from the company.

“We’re calling on all gardeners to join us in growing for good this season to experience how rewarding it feels to use your garden for something amazing like feeding your community,” said Mike Sutterer, President & CEO of Bonnie Plants.

In the program, gardeners are encouraged to plan for an “amazing harvest with lots of surplus veggies and herbs to donate,” by expanding their garden with the Bonnie Plants Harvest Select line,” which is available exclusively at The Home Depot. The Harvest Select line includes varieties like Stellar Tomato and Prizm Kale. For more information, visit

“Through this partnership with, our customers will not only be able to enjoy their harvest, but also make a difference in their local communities,” said Dan Stuppiello, division merchandise manager of live Goods at The Home Depot.

Throughout the season, gardeners are encouraged to use #DonateYourHarvest on social media and tag others to join in the movement to grow for good. When it’s time to harvest their vegetables, gardeners can use to find the closest food pantry to donate their surplus produce, opening a floodgate of healthy food for hungry families. founder Gary Oppenheimer emphasized that fresh produce can be donated to many food pantries. food pantries can be found in 4,200 communities in all 50 states, with at least one food pantry near every The Home Depot store.

Headquartered in Opelika, Alabama, Bonnie Plants is a national supplier and producer of vegetable and herb plants for home gardens in the United States.

Bonnie grows 300 varieties of quality vegetable and herb plants for home gardeners across the country, with over 85 growing facilities serving the entire United States.