Sep 27, 2016
Growers Supply Announces Speaker for October CEA Workshop

“The Buglady” Suzanne Wainwright-Evans will be a guest speaker at Growers Supply’s Oct. 12-14 CEA Hands-On Workshop. The workshop will be hosted at its CEA Learning Center East in South Windsor, Connecticut.

Wainwright-Evans is an entomologist specializing in integrated pest management. She has been involved in the green industry for more than 25 years with a primary focus on biological control and the proper use of pesticides. Her achievements include publications in numerous trade magazines, speaking internationally and consulting with production facilities in the U.S. She is the owner of Buglady Consulting, now in business 15 years.suzannewainwright

The October CEA Hands-on Workshop will offer participants an education-filled, three-day schedule where Growers Supply experts and industry specialists, like Wainwright-Evans, educate attendees on the latest trends and innovations in controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

The workshop’s curriculum begins with the basics of controlled environment agriculture, and then shifts towards how attendees can integrate or improve CEA techniques in their operation. Over the three-day workshop, attendees will receive hands-on demonstrations and professional insight on sizing a greenhouse, nutrient management, integrated pest management techniques, the benefits of specific hydroponic systems, microgreen production and more.

Growers Supply’s CEA Hands-on Workshops cost $995 for the full three days. Upon completion of the workshop, each attendee will receive a $995 product credit that can be used towards the purchase of any controlled environment agriculture product, including GrowSpan greenhouses, HydroCycle hydroponic systems, growing accessories and more.

To sign up for the upcoming October CEA Hands-On Workshop, contact Kelley Roche at 800.476.9715 ext. 1649.