Jan 10, 2024
CEA Alliance hosts webinar on energy management

The Controlled Environment Agriculture Alliance (CEA Alliance) will host its first webinar of 2024. “You Can’t Buy Power the Way You Buy Paper! Using Energy as a Competitive Advantage” is a free webinar that will be held at 2:00 p.m. EST, Thursday, Jan. 18.

The webinar will be led by Sarah Johnston, managing director, Marketing and Carbon Management for Calpine Energy Solution. Johnston will highlight many of the challenges of managing an energy portfolio. “Treasury wants cost certainty; Sustainability wants lower emissions; Operations wants flexibility; Procurement wants savings. Every MWh of electricity used will impact the organization’s cost, risk, and carbon footprint,” she said.

“The CEA Alliance is pleased to work with Calpine to provide a roadmap that accomplishes these goals through a collaborative approach that translates data into business decisions,” said Tom Stenzel, Alliance executive director.

The CEA Alliance is now putting together its 2024 Webinar Series, and invites companies to submit ideas and recommendations for future programs.