Nov 15, 2016
Chick Charms Make Succulents Easy to Add in Grower Programs

The Chick Charms collection is a new series of hardy succulents, with unique, cool colors and uniform habits. Chick Charms are offered as collections only.

Sempervivum Chick Charms

“Chick Charms varieties were selected by breeder Chris Hansen based on seasonal color, texture and the ability to look good spring through winter,” says Cheri Markowitz, sales director. “It’s the first collectible series of hens and chicks.”

Hardy in Zones 3 to 9 and full of unique colors and textures, Chick Charms varieties will grow virtually anywhere, according to the company. Easy growing and drought tolerant, the varieties stand 2 to 3 inches tall and spread up to 12 inches.

Two Chick Charms Collections, Collection A and Collection B, are currently available, with 12 varieties among them:

  • ‘Bing Cherry’ – deep cherry red with redder tips
  • ‘Appletini’ – tasty green with maroon tips
  • ‘Cherry Berry’ – scarlet red rosette with a lime green center
  • ‘Mint Marvel’ – minty-green with a hint of scarlet on the tips
  • ‘Watermelon Ripple’ – medium green at the outset cleverly fades to rich red at the center
  • ‘Plum Parfait’ – deliciously rich red-purple tones on an upward-reaching rosette
  • ‘Key Lime Kiss’ – lives up to its name forming tight ball-rosettes of sizzling lime green
  • ‘Cranberry Cocktail’ – a long-bladed concoction of rich red foliage tipped in green
  • ‘Cinnamon Starburst’ – varying rosette sizes each sport a rich red outset around new green centers
  • ‘Berry Blues’ – oversized rosettes charm with varying shades of blue to green from tip to center
  • ‘Chocolate Kiss’ – rich maroon-brown covers the total rosette
  • ‘Fringed Frosting’ – tight medium green rosettes graced with nets of white

Choose six trays of six varieties or one tray of six varieties. For more information on Chick Charms or any of their products, visit or call 877.804.7277.