DENSO acquires Certhon

Aug 2, 2023
DENSO acquires Certhon Group

DENSO Corporation has acquired the full stake in Certhon Group, a Dutch horticultural facility operator, with the aim of accelerating the global expansion of its agricultural production business.

In recent years, climate change and a decrease in the number of people taking up farming have led to unstable agricultural production, and the need to develop a stable and sustainable agricultural production system through the establishment of a climate-independent cultivation environment and the reduction of labor shortages and heavy workload.

DENSO acquires CerthonTo solve these various issues in the food and agriculture field, DENSO and Certhon formed a capital alliance in March 2020 and in May of the same year jointly established DENSO AgriTech Solutions, Inc., which sells horticultural facility products to Japan and other Asian countries. Since then, the two companies have been involved in the sales of agricultural greenhouses suited to each region of the world and have jointly developed solutions to solve future labor shortages.

With the acquisition, the two companies will accelerate efforts to solve global food challenges by leveraging the strengths of both companies and the results of their past collaboration.DENSO acquires Certhon

“Through the complete acquisition of Certhon, we will accelerate our efforts to solve global food and agricultural challenges. We firmly believe that Certhon is a unique partner with shared values and complementary technologies, and together we will continue to grow. DENSO will continue to collaborate with Certhon to provide solutions that deliver food safety and security, anytime, anywhere and to anyone, forever,” Hidehiro Yokoo, senior executive officer in charge of the Food Value Chain Business Development Division at DENSO, said.

“DENSO has an international network and a strong reputation for developing cutting-edge technology and we look forward to further shaping the ground-breaking collaboration,” Lotte van Rijn, general director of Certhon said.

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