Dec 20, 2021
Farmersville Hemp Targets $13 Billion CBD Market

Puration, Inc. (PURA) has highlighted that while the CBD market is anticipated to grow to $13 billion by 2028, the Green Technology and Sustainability Market is expected to expand from $9 billion reported in 2021 to over $41 billion by 2028.

PURA has launched its Farmersville Hemp brand to expand the overall market opportunity for hemp by first providing education on the overall potential of industrial hemp. In addition to generating revenue from its education services, PURA expects to monetize its efforts by building a co-op of hemp growers and processors and selling the co-op’s collective products and services under the Farmersville Hemp brand name.

PURA has launched an initiative to build a cooperative of hemp growers and processors all selling under one brand name, Farmersville Hemp, similar to the way that Sun-Maid Raisins collectively markets for growers all selling under one brand name.

The Farmersville Hemp Brand strategy will be centered on articulating the value of leveraging industrial hemp solutions to garner the economic value from implementing sustainable solutions.

Every ton of hemp removes 1.7 tons of carbon from the atmosphere. Cotton requires 50% more water than hemp to grow. These are just a couple of small examples of the sustainable benefits with economic incentives from implementing hemp strategies.

PURA will continue to work closely with PAO Group, Inc. in the development of CBD extract pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. PURA will also continue to work closely with Alkame Holdings, Inc. and North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. in the development of CBD-infused foods and beverages.

PURA signed its first contracts in December, contributing to its initial 2022 $1 million revenue forecast.

PURA has established a new business model to build an industrial hemp business with 3 sources of revenue – education, branding and partnerships. The initial revenue forecasted for next year conservatively only encompasses revenue coming from its education line of business which is designed to ignite the revenue potential of the branding and partnership business lines. Management indicates the branding and particularly the partnership lines of business to have a high potential of contributing revenue next year. Accordingly, management has indicated the possibility that the initial revenue forecast may be revised upward more than once in the course of 2022.

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