Feb 1, 2006
FPO Promotes Proper CareSource: FPO

Following up on last week’s GPN Weekly article from the Flower Promotional Organization (FPO) about the introduction of the consumer campaign FLOWRMD, FPL has developed a tip sheet that retailers and growers can print off and make available to their customers at store level or with deliveries.

Retailers and growers are encouraged to stamp their own logos/addresses on this sheet to personalize it, as well as link the FLOWRMD Web site, www.flowrmd.com to their own sites. Floral customers can access the Web site to ask care and handling questions and get an E-mail response. In addition, on February 13-14, 2006, they can call 1-888-FLOWRMD to ask live questions to the team of experts and receive answers to their care and handling questions. The FPO will also E-mail reminders on what care activities should be performed two, four and six days after Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14).

FPO’s goal is to help consumers get the maximum benefit from their Valentine’s Day purchases possible by providing them with simple and effective care instructions.