Oct 17, 2017
HopsHouse Introduces New Hydroponic Hops Greenhouse

Rough Brothers, Inc. (RBI) has announced the launch of HopsHouse, a single-solutions greenhouse designed to optimize yields through integrated systems and precision farming.

It is the first single-solution hydroponic greenhouse for year-round hops growth and harvests, anywhere from two to five times a year.

HopsHouse will provide growers and breweries a competitive advantage, supplying a fresher and more local product, straight from the bine to the brewery.

Hops are a relative to cannabis and grow similarly to hydroponic tomato vines. RBI has worked in both industries for a number of years. A team of crop scientists, engineers, growers and beer enthusiasts from RBI took what they know about the two plants and successfully designed a controlled environment that allowed hops to grow and flower after three months.

The team grew five different hops rhizome varieties, and tested different nutrient and lighting combinations to ensure the best rate of growth. The HopsHouse is offered in two different sizes: 30 x 60 feet and 30 x 180 feet. Options to customize are available.

“The craft beer industry is growing. We saw an opportunity and we are running with it,” said Tom Vezdos, vice president and divisional manager of RBI’s Commercial Greenhouses. “The introduction of HopsHouse allows breweries and growers to be more independent. No longer will breweries and growers be at the mercy of big beer conglomerates or inclement weather.”

The introduction of HopsHouse will allow craft breweries and growers to be more independent. A study by Hops Growers of America reported that nearly 90 million pounds of hops were harvested in 2016.

The overall beer market is a $107.6 billion industry, according to the Brewers Association for National Beer Stats, with small and craft breweries contributing $67.8 billion to the US economy. With AnheuserBush’s acquisition of SAB Miller International, which includes SAB Hop Farms located in South Africa, many craft breweries have seen their supply completely cut off.

For more information, visit www.YourHopsHouse.com or email info@yourhopshouse.com.