Mar 19, 2024
Hort Americas partners to help growers with energy efficiency

Hort Americas’ partnership with utility rebate expert Lee Levitt will enhance savings and promote energy efficiency for growers.

Commercial horticultural supplier Hort Americas announced an exclusive partnership with utility rebate specialist Lee Levitt, Energy Advisors 360. 

The collaboration marks a significant step in providing comprehensive financial solutions and incentive opportunities for greenhouse growers and vertical farmers across North America.

3.6.2024 Lee Levitt of Energy Advisors 360 partnership with Hort AmericasLevitt brings over two decades of experience in utilities, incentives and financial solutions to the partnership. As co-founder of Encentiv Energy, Levitt was instrumental in introducing new rebate tools and incentive solutions to lighting manufacturers and their sales channel partners (agents and distributors), contractors, ESCOs and facility stakeholders. This ultimately led to the rebate tool used by leading lighting companies such as Acuity Brands, lighting partner for Hort Americas. 

“This partnership with Lee ensures our clients have access to the most beneficial financial solutions,” Chris Higgins, president and co-founder of Hort Americas said. “Lee’s experience in processing or supporting millions of dollars in awards across all markets [and eligible rebate measures, including lighting and HVAC, etc.] has been invaluable in helping growers maximize their investments.”

The partnership unlocks new opportunities for Hort Americas’ clients, helping them navigate the complex landscape of utility rebates and incentives. By leveraging Levitt’s expertise, Hort Americas aims to help growers enjoy greater sustainability and operational efficiency, while maximizing their financial benefits.

“Joining forces with Hort Americas is an opportunity to bridge the gap between horticultural innovation and financial incentives,” Levitt commented. “I’m thrilled to share my experience in a way that benefits the sustainable efforts of growers in the CEA industry.”