Feb 16, 2024
Houston welcomes second annual PlantCon International 2024

With Heart Collective proudly announces the return of PlantCon International, the highly anticipated second annual global plant convention set to take place at NRG Center in Houston, Texas, on April 13-14, 2024. The event kicks off with an opening reception on April 12, 2024, at the Houston Botanic Garden.

The convention will feature a vibrant marketplace bustling with over 150 local and international vendors, offering an extensive array of plants and plant-related products. From rare to beginner-friendly plants, the marketplace caters to diverse tastes, including aroids, orchids, carnivorous plants, bonsai, aquatics, florals, natives, cacti, herbs, and more.

The event will host free workshops and presentations led by experts in the field. These sessions will cover an extensive range of topics, from houseplants to native plants, gardening, and foraging. There will also be book signings from the plant world’s favorite authors and publishers.

“We are thrilled to witness PlantCon’s remarkable growth since its inception. This year’s expansion to more than 82,000 square feet at the NRG Center underscores the passion within the plant community,” said Kenny Nguyen, Founder of PlantCon International. “Our goal is to bridge divides within the plant community, build connections that surpass geographical boundaries, and unite us through our shared love for plants.”

 PlantCon International, organized by local non-profit With Heart Collective, serves as a platform to unite plant enthusiasts worldwide. This immersive weekend experience caters to both beginners and seasoned hobbyists, fostering connections and bridging the gaps within the diverse realms of the plant hobby.

PlantCon International 2024 stands as an inclusive platform, bridging gaps within the greater plant community and facilitating connections. It welcomes participants from national and international plant organizations, educators, experts, creators, individual plant lovers, and anyone with an interest in plants, affirming the event’s mission to unite and benefit the entire plant community.

Event Details:

●        What: PlantCon International 2024

●        Where: NRG Center, Houston, TX

●        When: April 13-14, 2024

●        Tickets: https://www.plantcon.org/tickets

●        Opening Reception: April 12th at Houston Botanic Garden


About With Heart Collective:

With Heart Collective is a non-profit event and production team focused on creating inclusive spaces and opportunities for small, minority-owned businesses and their customers. Their mission is to provide educational resources and support in areas such as tax compliance, branding, marketing and more, while fostering connections and promoting diversity within the community. Under With Heart Collective, the nonprofit organization includes Houston Plant Market, PlantCon International, Heart of Hou, The Vendor Alliance, and The Little Plant Library. As a proud AAPI, BIPOC, and Queer-led organization, With Heart Collective is dedicated to empowering underrepresented voices and promoting equity in entrepreneurship.