Jan 17, 2019
Hydrofarm, Argus Controls Team Up

Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc.,  and Argus Control Systems Ltd. have announced a strategic partnership to provide advanced environmental systems and services for horticultural production in the United States and Canada.

“Argus and Hydrofarm are aligned in our deep horticultural history and passion for technological advancement. Our mission is to provide the best horticultural automation systems with best in class results. Together with Argus, we are able to provide clients with a customized controls solution that will enable them to achieve their goals,” said Hydrofarm CEO Peter Wardenburg.

Michael Heaven, vice president and general manager for Argus added, “Since 1984, we have been designing controls systems for greenhouses and indoor growing so we understand the complexities of plant growth facilities and how to control growing environments.”

“We know firsthand that automation and environmental control are complex issues so we work closely with every client to understand their needs before designing a solution.  The result is a robust, plant-centric control system that is easy to use while providing the flexibility to expand and modify as their requirements change,” Heaven added.

High-growth and increased needs for services are anticipated within the industry this year. Argus and Hydrofarm have strategically aligned to meet the needs of this challenging growth.