Jul 10, 2023
Maarten Beekenkamp joins HAWE Cultivation Systems

Maarten Beekenkamp was appointed HAWE Cultivation Systems’s general manager as of May 8, 2023. Beekenkamp, born and bred in the Dutch Westland region (which is famous for its greenhouses), grew up in his father’s horticulture company. After completing his degree in business administration, he held several different types of management positions in the agricultural industry, both in the Netherlands and abroad, covering the entire chain, ranging from plant breeding and cultivation to trade. In addition, he gained experience of serving on an executive board in the trade association for flower and plant wholesalers, VGB.  In recent years he has served as the general manager of various cultivation locations in North America.

“I know HAWE to be a household name in the field of mobile container systems,” said Beekenkamp. “It’s a company with a great deal of history, which has gone through a bit of turbulence, particularly in the last few years. However, at the moment, having spent just over a year under the umbrella of the KUBO Group now, the company is experiencing unprecedented growth. The team has a lovely mix of experience and young blood. As a result, it knows how to strike the right balance between familiar systems that have proven to be successful and innovative methods. The great thing about HAWE is that they don’t sell products off the shelf, but help clients find answers to their questions. The customer is king, which is an attitude that totally resonates with me. We help growers all over the world establish efficient and sustainable cultivation systems, which is our way of contributing to a better world.”

Since 1958, HAWE Cultivation Systems has designed, developed and delivered cultivation systems for growers of today and tomorrow. Our systems are used all over the world and are suited to a large variety of crop types, both in agriculture and in floriculture. Beekenkamp will join the team in its efforts to give further shape to the organization’s growth.