Apr 22, 2021
Monrovia Creates New Design Guide for Home Gardeners

Monrovia has created a new design tool for  home gardeners called “Shades of Beautiful.”

The guidebook features a look at the top 10 plant palettes for spring.

The digital guide, available for Monrovia’s Grow Beautifully newsletter subscribers, features 10 artfully coordinated palettes and plant combination suggestions any gardener can use for inspiration.

“The most common questions we receive from consumers are about creating combinations in the landscape,” says Katie Tamony, chief marketing officer. “Our goal is to boost home gardener’s confidence in their design skills. This free, downloadable booklet provides fresh ideas for plant choices and color pairings that make it easier to create beautiful garden spaces. It’s the perfect get-the-look guide for homeowners to bring with them when they shop. Retailers can use the ideas to help their customers too.”

Access the digital guide here.