Apr 3, 2022
Monrovia Publishes Guidebook for Gardeners

Monrovia has released “Shades of Beautiful” — a guidebook that brings design, color and plant inspiration to home gardeners.

The new spring edition of the digital guide, available for Monrovia’s Grow Beautifully newsletter subscribers, features 10 curated color palettes and fresh combination ideas.

“Our consumer research shows that gardeners, no matter what their skill level, want to know more about design and on-trend color combinations,” says Katie Tamony, chief marketing officer.

“This downloadable booklet offers ideas to spark their creativity with design guidelines and plant choices that bring not only color, but also texture and structure to the garden. The get-the-look guide really makes it easy to create a shopping wish list too.”

Access the Shades of Beautiful guidebook here: https://go.monrovia.com/hubfs/2022_Shades_of_Beautiful_Color_Guide.pdf.

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