Aug 24, 2021
Northeast Greenhouse Conference to Offer Educational Sessions on Biocontrols

Northeast Greenhouse Conference and Expo  — taking place Nov. 3-4, 2021 — will feature educational sessions on using  biological controls.

Sessions include:

  • How to Handle and Release a Variety of Beneficial Arthropods for Greenhouse  Biocontrol, including Mistakes to Avoid. John Sanderson, Cornell University
  • Upcoming Challenges in Biocontrol/ BCA Compatibility with Traditional Products, Ron  Valentin, Bioworks, Inc.
  • Keep Yourself up to Date with What’s Happening in Pest Management (including new  biocontrol products, techniques, and tools to help with your IPM program). Suzanne  Wainwright Evans, Buglady Consulting

Meet the presenters:

John Sanderson has been a professor in the Department of Entomology at  Cornell University for over 30 years. He has research/extension responsibilities  for arthropod pest management on greenhouse crops, with an emphasis on  biological and integrated control. He has done research on every serious  greenhouse pest and most of the predators, parasitoids, and pathogens used  against them. John’s primary goal is to help growers accomplish cost-effective, sustainable management of the pests  that plague greenhouse crops.

Ronald Valentin was born in the heart of the greenhouse industry in the  Netherlands. His family owned a greenhouse operation and his father started using biological control in 1971. After finishing his education in crop protection management, biochemistry and vegetable production at State Secondary College of Agriculture in De Lier the Netherland, he embarked on a career in  biological control in 1986. Over the years Ronald has  worked with many growers to set up sustainable and effective pest management programs with a focus to use BCAs as a first line of defense. He also has trained and managed technical support teams in Europe, Canada, and the USA. Ronald is currently Director of  Technical Business, BCA at BioWorks, out of Victor, NY.

Suzanne WainwrightEvans is a horticultural entomologist specializing in  integrated pest management. Suzanne has been involved in the Green  Industry for more than 25 years with a primary focus on biological control and  using pesticides properly. She is a graduate of the University of Florida with degrees in both Entomology and Environmental Horticulture. Suzanne is the  owner of Buglady Consulting, now in business for over 20 years providing expert  horticultural entomological consulting and seminars to commercial growers.