Jul 27, 2022
Oasis Grower Solutions Reformulates Hydroponic Solution

Oasis Grower Solutions has developed a one-bag solution for fertilizing leafy greens, formulated for commercial and hobby hydroponic production of lettuce, herbs, greens and most vegetables.

The newly packaged Oasis Hydroponic Fertilizer replaces the traditional two-part approach. This nutrient system is designed to deliver the essential elements in optimal proportions so plants can thrive. Chelated micronutrients make vital growth components highly soluble and available to plants. With a significant level of calcium and magnesium, it provides balanced nutrient proportion for robust growth – while minimizing the need for back-adding, all of which helps growers simplify hydroponic operations by eliminating costly mixing errors, potential injury, additional testing and loss of production.

“We’re not only excited about how effective our hydroponic fertilizer is,” says Bill Riffey, global director of Oasis Grower Solutions, “we’re also thrilled to introduce the new packaging that streamlines the product information and more accurately aligns with our brand aesthetic.”