Apr 20, 2018
OHP Fungicide Available in Larger Size

OHP ‘s Segway O ornamental fungicide is now available in a new 64 fl. oz. package size.

The new package size carries the same EPA registration number as the current 16 fl. oz. size.

OHP will continue to market Segway O in the current 16 fl. oz. size.

Segway O provides helps control oomycete diseases such as pythium, phytophthora crown and root rot, phytophthora aerial bligh and downy mildews.

Its active ingredient, cyazofamid, is the only member of fungicide Mode of Action (MOA) Group #21, making it an ideal rotational product for disease control.

Effective as a spray or drench, Segway O provides control of 7 to 28 days, depending on disease pressure, as both a preventive and curative.

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