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Apr 3, 2023
PanAmerican Seed launches ‘Sow Fast. Grow Fast.’ program

PanAmerican Seed’s new “Sow Fast. Grow Fast.” program aims to help growers keep their benches full after spring for additional shoulder season sales. The program offers up to 150 varieties (and growing) from seed that will be ready for show and ship in color in 10 weeks or less.

PanAmerican Seed announced the program at California Spring Trials, described as a “break in case of emergency plan for growers” with 33 combos and 20 series.

pan american seed

The breeder, which celebrated 75 years in 2022, also debuted a new logo at California Spring Trials. The seven colors represent the seven continents where PanAmerican Seed has a presence.

PanAmerican logo

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