Jun 10, 2024
Philips collaborates on intelligent lighting in vertical farming

Signify enters a partnership between Philips Horticulture LED solutions and Hoogendoorn Growth Management.

The new partnership brings the market leader in horticulture lighting technology and a worldwide innovator in greenhouse automation solutions together, to unlock the full potential of dynamic lighting for vertical farming.

Philips horticulture LED’s brings its expertise in cutting-edge LED lighting solutions and crop knowledge for vertical farming, and combines it with Hoogendoorn’s prowess in climate automation and intelligent algorithms, focused on autonomous growing. It will facilitate an easier integration of lighting into Hoogendoorn’s IIVO Vertical climate computer and pave the way for autonomous optimization in growing crops in closed environments.

“Through our collaboration, we simplify the daily work for growers. With a consolidated system that allows a full and easy integration of the lighting system into the customer’s infrastructure, we enable them to manage and monitor their crops more efficiently and to scale faster,” said Anne Jancic, segment manager vertical farming for Philips Horticulture LED Solutions. “Advanced algorithms reduce energy costs, while maintaining yield and crop quality. They support decision making and execution when it comes to deviations from ideal crop growth compared to actual measured plant development.”

Martin Helmich, CCO of Hoogendoorn sees great value in the partnership: “As a leading company in horticulture, we are always on the lookout for innovative partners to collaborate with. We recognize Philips horticulture LED’s pioneering role in the field of lighting and vertical farming, and we believe that our mutual expertise can lead to the development of groundbreaking new services and products for vertical farmers.”

Philips GrowWise Research Center to test and showcase intelligent lighting

Recently, Hoogendoorn’s IIVO Vertical climate computer has been installed at the Philips GrowWise research center in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The center supports customer trials that test, develop, and optimize dynamic, self-learning light and growth recipes that can adjust and adapt to real-time changes during cultivation. This is a major step toward the integration of intelligent lighting technologies into autonomous growing algorithms.

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