Jun 13, 2023
PlantCon International recap

PlantCon International brought together over 2,500 plant enthusiasts from around the world in Houston, Texas, on May 19-20, 2023, fostering connections and uniting the diverse and passionate plant community.

The event commenced with a pre-party on May 18 at Equal Parts Brewing, where visitors, vendors and volunteers gathered to kick off the festivities. To conclude the weekend, guests spent a day enjoying free cocktails and food while strolling the enchanting Houston Botanic Garden for a closing reception hosted on May 21.

PlantCon International boasted a 100-vendor plant market and exhibition, featuring both international and local growers. The event showcased various niches within the plant world, including bonsai, native planting, carnivorous plants, aquatics, edible gardening, indoor houseplants and conservancy, captivating enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

Beyond the plant market, PlantCon International presented seminars and workshops conducted by field experts. Topics covered included foraging, land and nature conservancy, indoor plant care, native landscaping and many more. Attendees gained access to credible insights, valuable knowledge and a deepened connection with the broader plant community.

One of PlantCon’s distinctive features was its non-profit mission, championing inclusivity and visibility for all national and international plant organizations, with a particular emphasis on sustainability and conservation efforts. The convention aimed to bridge the gap between specialized plant organizations and the wider community of plant enthusiasts, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. By uniting these communities, PlantCon fostered an environment of connectivity and progress, paving the way for a brighter future for plants and their caretakers.

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