Sep 11, 2023
Plantpeddler Variety Day 2023 recap

Plantpeddler hosted Variety Day 2023, highlighted nearly 1,500 varieties of vegetative annuals in large containers, hanging baskets and beds from a global array of breeders, in a vivid array of garden colors on on Aug. 4. The event included breeders, sponsors, brokers, growers, garden center managers and industry professionals.

This year, the focus of the presentations was all things “Bio.” Andrew Butler of Green Valley Greenhouse, 2022 Grower of the Year, opened the seminars with his practical, real-world use and application of biorationals and beneficials. He was followed by three industry experts covering various aspects of this emerging technology: Kevin Johnson of Microbial Science Laboratories, Andy Peterson, Spectrum Sales (Evofactor and BioSupersil) and Heidi Doering, Koppert Biological Systems.

Variety Day

At Variety Day, participants had the opportunity to vote on three favorite varieties. The winner this year, Begonia I’Conia Portofino Del Sol, is in the 2024 program at Plantpeddler. It was once again a day dominated by Begonias, with 10 of the Top 25 coming from the genus. The remaining 15 represent a mix of Spring Annuals genus.

Attendees at Plantpeddler Variety 2023
Attendees at Plantpeddler Variety 2023

Plantpeddler hosted a new event, Educate the Educators, on Aug. 3. The event featured lectures and workshops to help ag educators fund, run and teach horticulture in educational greenhouses. This event included 58 schools, with over 80 attendees, all whom were instructed by a team of over 25 industry experts.

Upcoming event

Plantpeddler Poinsettia Variety Day 2023 is on November 30. Plantpeddler Variety Day 2024 follows on August 2. For more information, please contact

Plantpeddler greatly appreciates all of the breeders for submitting genetics, supporting vendor partner sponsors, the team at Plantpeddler for all their efforts and hosting and especially everyone who attended. To watch a short video recap, visit Variety Day 2023