Jan 12, 2024
Proven Winners and Walters Gardens launch ART & SOL Mangave plant collection

In 2024, Walters Gardens will bring six of its top Mangave varieties into the Proven Winners brand, with more to come soon.

Mangave meets the needs of the modern gardener. These large succulent-esque hybrids retain the excellent heat and drought tolerance of their Agave background, while adding fast-growing, tropical attributes from their Manfreda parentage. They can be grown solitary, in the landscape or in mixed or mono decorative containers. Their tolerance of a wide variety of moisture conditions allows them to be mixed with succulents, annuals and tropicals. Mangave are perennial in southern zones, with the option of being grown as annuals in northern zones or overwintered as houseplants.

These Manfreda x Agave hybrids are the result of breeding efforts at Walters Gardens. The top varieties from this program have been moved into the Proven Winners brand where they will be sold under the ART & SOL Collection. This is an ongoing breeding program for Walters Gardens, with more introductions expected soon.

Proven Winners recognized the exceptional and diverse qualities of Mangave and saw them as a valuable addition to the brand. Also, understanding the ongoing issue of water scarcity, Proven Winners recognizes the necessity of adding drought-tolerant plants to the brand. Mangave require less water than many other genus and offer solutions aligned with sustainable garden practices such as water conservation.

The Complete Package is essential for brand awareness and consumers know to look for the white Proven Winners branded container when they shop. This is why Proven Winners containers are required for all ART & SOL Mangave.

The premium 3×6 inch hanging label is required for all ART & SOL varieties. Hanging labels come with an accompanying 10 inch riser. The riser and hanging label ensure the tag is visible above the foliage with easy access for garden center customers.

Beginning in 2024, Walters Gardens will bring six of its top Mangave varieties into the Proven Winners brand under the ART & SOL collection name. These plants will be exclusive to the Proven Winners brand, with more varieties coming soon. ART & SOL varieties will be offered from Walters Gardens as wholesale liners. They will continue to be sold through Walters Gardens existing sales channels, both directly and through broker companies. A limited quantity of plants will be available in the spring of 2024, with a wide release to consumer audiences planned for 2025.