Jan 18, 2019
Stuppy Offers New Hydronic Bench Heat

Stuppy Greenhouse has expanded its product line to include pre-engineered, custom Hydronic Bench Heat for growers looking to maximize heating efficiency and plant production.

This is an alternative to forced-air heating. Hydronic bench heating warms the soil with direct contact from rubber tubing radiant heat to the root zone for even control of soil temperature. This lets growers create different temperature zones for flexible growing with a system that responds quickly and efficiently.

Stuppy’s Hydronic Bench Heat is designed in-house with EPDM rubber tubing that resists high temperatures and chemicals, offering superior heat transfer capabilities and a durable design.

Hydronic bench heat helps promote higher seed germination rate, accelerated rooting in young plants and faster plant growth, which leads to better plant quality, less disease and more economical heating costs.

Stuppy’s structures and equipment are made in the U.S.A. with the highest quality components and have easy-to-follow instructions and unbeatable customer service.

For more information, please visit www.stuppy.com/hydronic-heat.