Feb 3, 2023
Suntory Flowers Goes to the Grammy Awards

The 65th Grammy Awards aired on Feb. 5, from the Los Angeles’ Crypto.com Arena. Suntory Flowers partnered with botanical artist Tu Bloom of Bloom Designs Inc. for another great performance. This is the fourth time Bloom has incorporated Applause roses and Moon carnations from Suntory Flowers into his designs.

Senetti pericallis - Suntory
‘Senetti Magenta Bicolor’

Produced by Suntory’s Florigene Flowers division in South America, these varieties represent sophisticated breeding using blue pigment called delphinidin, which makes it possible to create vivid shades of blue and violet without artificial dyes. Fresca Farms and Mellano & Co. partnered with Suntory Flowers on distribution.

New this year on the bedding plant side are two Senetti varieties — ‘White Red Heart’ and ‘Magenta Bicolor’. Plants are being grown by Armstrong Growers in California. Last year’s designs were full of Madeira and Grandaisy argyranthemums filling the planter bases in April.

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