Jan 12, 2022
Survey: Millennial Homeownership Continues to Drive Gardening Purchases

Currently, millennials are the largest home-buying group in the county, accounting for 38% of all home purchases. This group is changing the process of homeownership, from the way they purchase to the way they update and live in the home. They also are taking a different approach to gardening too.

According to the Axiom 2022 Gardening Insights Survey, nearly 76% of millennials  said say they’ll be planting more and expanding their garden spaces in 2022.

The experts at the Minneapolis-based marketing firm took a deep dive into the data, focusing specifically on millennial insights. “We know that millennial gardeners are feeling confident and spending more,” says Kathleen Hennessy, chief marketing officer at Axiom. “Our research in both millennial home improvement and gardening found some interesting trends. Knowing the interest of this age group can help garden centers speak directly to their needs.”

The survey also showed that millennial males may offer significant upside in 2022 when it comes to gardening. More than one-third (36%) of male millennials say they’re definitely spending more time in their  gardens, compared to only 30% of female millennials.

Overall, millennial spending is increasing, but men claim they’ll be shelling out more dollars. More than half (52%) of males in this age group say they will spend more money on gardening, that number drops to just under 32% with female respondents.

What types of gardening tasks are millennials doing? For men, the number one project is creating space to entertain, with 47% of males saying they will be adding or upgrading these areas. The number one answer for millennial women, (42%) is creating a more comfortable outdoor space. Upgrading hardscapes, such as retaining walls and patios, comes in third for both males and females.

When asked what the biggest obstacle is to gardening more, the top answer for males is time. Thirty-seven percent of males say there just aren’t enough hours in the day. The top answer for females is money, with nearly 33% of millennial women sharing that finances preclude them from gardening more.

Looking for more millennial insights? Download Axiom’s Millennials Home Improvement report here: https://axiomcom.com/2021-millennial-home-improvement/

For more information on the Axiom 2022 Gardening Survey, download the report at  https://axiomcom.com/2022-gardening-survey/

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