Aug 15, 2019
Syngenta Insecticide Receives EPA Approval

Acelepryn insecticide from Syngenta has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in the ornamental industry.

Its active ingredient, chlorantraniliprole, provides long-lasting control of Japanese beetles, sawfly larvae and leaf-feeding caterpillars, including eastern tent caterpillars, fall webworm and bagworms.

“Leaf-feeding insects like Japanese beetles can quickly spread and skeletonize crops in nursery production, so residual control is imperative,” said Nancy Rechcigl, technical services manager for ornamentals at Syngenta.

“When applied as a foliar spray, Acelepryn protects the leaves of plants from Japanese beetles and lepidopteran pests for up to four weeks. It offers targeted control, so pollinators and other beneficial organisms are not affected and integrated pest management programs are not disrupted.”

Additional benefits of Acelepryn include:

  • Four-hour REI (restricted-entry interval) reduces disruptions to work schedules.
  • Minimal personal protective equipment is required, compared to alternative products that require a respirator for early entry.
  • No known adverse effects on beneficial and non-target organisms, such as bees and biological control agents.

“The combination of strong efficacy, long residual as a foliar spray and very low impact to non-target organisms is a unique combination,” says Daniel Potter, Ph.D., professor of entomology at the University of Kentucky. “Acelepryn controls a lot of important chewing pests, giving you the flexibility of not having to apply it over and over again.”

In addition to foliar sprays, Acelepryn can be applied as a bark treatment to protect from pests like clearwing borers, as a drench to control white grubs, or as a systemic soil treatment to prevent lace bugs, aphids and birch leafminers. Acelepryn is also approved for use on ornamental plants in exterior landscapes and interior plantscapes.

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