Oct 29, 2020
UF Produces Greenhouse Weed Control Video

The University of Florida’s IFAS Extension (UF/IFAS) has produced a new video with tips to reduce weed control costs for nursery and greenhouse growers, including cultural and chemical methods.

The video is presented by Chris Marble, assistant professor of ornamental and landscape weed management.

Are you having an issue with liverwort, or other weeds that do not respond to chemical applications? This video will discuss strategies to control problem weeds and reduce your costs.

The video can be accessed in the “Five Tips for Horticulture” series on the UF/IFAS Greenhouse Training Online channel (tinyurl.com/ufgto).

The series highlights technical topics from university and industry experts. Subscribe to receive upcoming videos on topics such as growing media, vermicompost, and hydroponic substrates.

The channel is sponsored by the Floriculture Research Alliance (floriculturealliance.org).