Mar 22, 2023
Visit Schoneveld Breeding at CAST 2023

When spring arrives, it’s time for California Spring Trials and Schoneveld Breeding will be attending. Area manager Kathy McKay and growing supporter Ton Koers will present the latest developments in the broad assortment from Schoneveld Breeding. Visit the stand and get an overview of not only cyclamen, but also many primula. It is easy to be amazed by the sea of color at the stand at Green Fuse Botanicals.

Cold tolerant crops

In these times of rising energy prices, there is a lot of benefit in seeds that request low energy input to grow into high-quality plants. Examples of these cold-tolerant crops are Super Serie Mini Winter, Picasso, Macro and Vintro. The adjusted cultivation protocol is available, Koers is ready to tell visitors all about the best cultivation.

Latest developments

Another highlight is Super Serie Djix. This little, stubborn cyclamen is a novelty that’s available in a new color. From the next season on this cheerful cyclamen is available in the color Salmon with Eye. With that addition, Djix is available in three colors. The latest addition to the Super Serie range is the large-flowered Fusion. The two-toned flowers are unique in the market of large-flowered cyclamen. The first color of this newcomer is Large Neon Pink.

Broad assortment

Besides cyclamen, Schoneveld Breeding is also very active in breeding primulas. Take a look at the primula Touch Me series. With its bright colors, a great series for customers to welcome spring in their houses.

Different Primula

In primula, Paradiso is a series to certainly take a look at. These compact-built acaulis are available in three varieties: Early, Mid and Late. Because of that, sales are possible during a very long period. The fourth primula in the Schoneveld Breeding assortment is primula Paradiso Perola. This polyanthus is the only true uniform polyanthus series in the world. It is easy to use as a perennial and has an extremely good shelf life.


Next to that, there is ranunculus Sprinkles. This spring bloomer grows out into a uniformly built plant with strong flower stems. Customers can choose their favorite color out of a broad selection.

Practical information

Visit Schoneveld Breeding at the location of Green Fuse Botanicals at 8220 Stockton Road, Somis, CA 93066. CAST is held from Wednesday, March 29 until Sunday, April 2 from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Area manager Kathy McKay and growing supporter Ton Koers (both pictured above) are there with all Schoneveld Breeding beauties. Book a visit in advance on the website of CAST. Please be welcome!

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