Feb 8, 2024
Walter Stark launches consulting business, website focusing on CEA

Walter Stark has launched a new website in concert with his business, Walter Stark Consulting. The company’s focus is on CEA and the website reflects Stark’s extensive expertise in cooling, heating and dehumidification technology, highlighting the next generation of HVAC technology for CEA facilities, wrap-around dehumidification technology.

Stark is an engineer with five decades of experience in the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, who is also recognized as an expert in controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

“Today’s CEA facilities, which are cultivating plants for food and drug-related products, require advanced climate solutions that optimize HVAC and dehumidification operations to achieve maximum crop yields and energy efficiency, “ said Stark. “The goal of both my consulting business and our new website is to raise the awareness of CEA facility owners and operators regarding how to achieve the optimal controlled environment for their facility’s specific needs. Through our services and website, we can help CEA facilities realize these objectives.”

Walter Stark Consulting provides HVAC systems evaluations, CEA consulting and training, utility incentive analysis, and webinars focused on providing education on the importance and critical function that Vapor Pressure Difference (VPD) plays in a cultivating facility. For more information, visit wstarkconsulting.com.

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